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A Mask for Bernie

Inspiration comes from many places, but we never would've thought we'd find it from Bernie Sanders!  

We have tons of vintage kimonos that we turn into items to be worn and appreciated.  When Vivian saw the now ubiquitous Bernie meme she wanted to help up his mask game, and one of our men's haoris - which we named "Miton" in honor of Bernie’s mittens - seemed like a perfect fit.


We are in awe of the skill that goes into making a kimono and we hope to honor the artistry by re-purposing the fabrics.  It is very fascinating as we take them apart to see what went into making them.  Kimono are made according to strict specs and standards, but within the framework each one is unique depending on fabric type and end use.

This Haori was padded. There was a thin film of padding that was basted to all the seams before the lining was sewn in. It stuck to the backside of the shell fabric like it was almost felted on.


                                           The final product, front and back views:                        

                                         Bernie's new look!  We sent him a mask. :-)

                                                             Get yours now!!