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Summer is here, the sun is out, and things are warming up! You're out running your errands, getting used to social distance socializing, and wearing a mask as COVID-19 continues to affect our lives. If you wear glasses like we do you may find that wearing a mask causes them to fog up which is annoying to say the least. What can you do to prevent this from happening?


The first thing to do is make sure that you have your glasses sitting on top of the mask fabric. The weight of your glasses can act as a seal to prevent warm air from coming in under your glasses from your mask. This is easier if you have larger frames. For glasses with a smaller profile that fit closer to your mask edge it may not work as well. Make sure your glasses do not go under the top edge of your mask.

The easiest and most widely touted solution we found is to wash your lenses with hand or dish soap. Rinse and let them air dry if you can or wipe lightly with a lens cloth. The film left by the soap is what prevents them from fogging up.

Another option is to use a scuba mask or safety goggle defogger. There are many options developed since fogging is actually dangerous and not just an annoyance in certain situations. (See the article by Environmental Design + Construction link below for product info).

Rolling a tissue up and putting it along the inside of the top edge of the mask is another solution that blocks the warm air from coming out of the top of your masks.

Here are some articles and product links if you want to read further on suggested solutions. Stay safe and healthy!

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