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Silk For Beauty - Anti Aging Skin Care And Now Masks

Silk has long been revered by designers as a luxurious fabric for its drape and feel on the body. But did you know it is also prized for benefits in skin care? The silk cocoon contains a natural protein called sericin that is used in anti-aging creams. Your favorite skin or hair care products probably already contain sericin powder or sericin hydrolysate. It has 18 amino acids and improves the production of collagen. The cosmetic industry considers sericin an NMF or natural moisturizing factor. The medical field discovered how effective it is for surgical sutures, as a biomaterial for contact lenses, for use in bandages to aid in wound and regenerative healing, and as a hydrogel to deliver drugs. It is now being considered for use as a PPE material. Silk has been found to be antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial due to the presence of copper, and has hydrophobic properties.

Our silk face masks have added benefits above their lightweight comfort and beautiful vintage textiles.

  1. Beauty - The silk charmeuse lining used in the Over & Over masks on the side that lays against your face does not irritate your skin or dry it out. It can be worn for hours with the added value of keeping your skin supple and soft.
  2. Comfort - Fabric is highly breathable and naturally hydrophobic. It is the least absorptive of water compared to cotton or polyester.
  3. Easy care - The masks dry quickly after you wash them, so they are ready in time for your next outing. And if you have at least two to switch out you are set!

A bit more on Beauty -

Silk cocoons have been used by women in Asia as part of their daily beauty routine. It has become popular in South Korea where K-Beauty brands are promoting it as an exfoliator and repair for UV skin damage. Here are some sources if you want to read up on this subject.

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