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The Art of Comfort...Fall Back Into Pillows

Our homes have always been a sanctuary. Though for most of us, the last seven months have meant spending a lot more time at home than we planned. We have thrown ourselves into new ways of keeping in touch with family and friends while properly distanced and masked. Zoom calls have become a big part of both work and social interaction. And I admit, that I am a part of the Sourdough bakers club. Who knew how many things could be made with sourdough starter? Rosemary Crackers and English Muffins are by far my new favorites.

During this pandemic, surrounding yourself with things that make you smile and feel good have become a priority. That is why at Over & Over we started taking the vintage silk obis and kimono fabrics we discovered and creating collections of pillows. The colors, designs and craftsmanship behind these fabrics are amazing. Sinking back into a group of soft pillows filled with down and feathers is very can feel the stress just slipping away!

The great thing about pillows is that they can change the décor on any couch, chair or bed. Which is a great if you are time stressed but want to create a whole new look for a room. What better way to enjoy the artistry of these textiles than to make them a part of your every day life!

Our first collection is the Empress. It was inspired by the obi fabric used on the namesake pillow – Empress Pillow. The beautiful shade of the green ground with the tangerine, white, metallics and soft gold of the Spider Mums design is gorgeous. On the back is a silk yarn dye plaid that reflects the color used on the front. It also gives you a decorating option by flipping the pillow to the backside. We had so much fun putting this group together. There are softer tones and patterns if you want to make a more neutral look, and there are stronger shades of orange and green if you want to make more of a color statement. Check out the different decorating options on our site.

The second collection is the Royal Garden. There is a multi-color print that is coral with purple, teal blue, and olives. We were able to find two obis with these colors also that turned into stunning pillows that we mixed with a dark olive. On the inside of the dark olive kimono we took apart we found the printed name and company chop for the fabric maker. We were able to use this for the Royal Butterfly/Chop Pillow.

We have more groups planned and cannot wait to show them to you!

All of the pillows are limited edition and made from vintage silk obis and kimonos from Japan. Everything is designed, cut and sewn in the USA. Our pillows all have a zippered removable cover, and the inserts are made in the USA from down and feather.