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Sashiko Mending Kit - Orange-Green

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Traditional mending is sustainable and can prolong the life of a garment or home decor. That is one of the practical reasons that our ancestors used it. It can also make garments into unique and beautiful items that become treasured designs which show creative expression. Learn to make your own statement piece with our mending kits and revive this old practice as a part of the lifecycle of your favorite pieces. Sashiko was originally used for mending holes and tears or reinforcing fabric with thread. Patchworking behind or over a hole can be used in conjunction with Sashiko as a decorative stitch to make your favorite jeans, jacket, or shirt unique. Your own creativity comes into play here. A mending project can be a small patch with some minimal stitching or a larger project that becomes a statement piece. You can start with minor mending and wear your design as each stage is complete. Gradually add new elements to the garment over time and watch as your creation progresses.

Mending Kit Contents - ($50.00 value)

  • Silk swatches from vintage kimonos and haoris.
  • Indigo color Sashiko cotton thread - 40 meters. Brand - Daruma.
  • White color Sashiko heavy cotton thread - 30 meters. Brand - Daruma.
  • 2 Sashiko needles in assorted sizes with needle threader. Brand - Yokota.
  • Heart shaped beeswax to keep thread from tangling.
  • Adjustable metal ring thimble, (slip on like a ring with circle portion laying on your palm). Brand- Clover.
  • Heart shaped box with 30 brass pins to hold your swatches on as you sew. Brand - Little House.
  • Triangle tailors chalk in white to mark your stitching pattern lines. Brand - Clover.
  • Preprinted Sashiko cotton cloth marked with white grid for practicing your stitching. Brand - Daruma.
  • Instruction book for basic Sashiko stitching.
  • Linen bag to store all of your kit contents.

Swatches may vary slightly in pattern as they are limited vintage fabrics, but will be in the same color story.

Great ideas for mending can be found on Pinterest. Search under Sashiko or Mending.

Come join us on 10/30/21 at 10:30 AM PDT for a free webinar on the Art of Sashiko Mending that is part of TextileX which celebrates the art of textiles. Details and Registration link.

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